With hundreds of members across three continents, The Awakening Within offers a new breed of spirituality for those committed to their ascension path. We combine the best of ancient shamanic and esoteric knowledge with the latest tools and technology to help members clear blockages across all seven key areas… so they live an authentic and successful spiritual life in our 3D world.

If you’ve ever felt like there is some hidden force holding you back, preventing the best version of you showing up in the world every day, then there’s a very good chance we can help you shift whatever is holding you back.



To awaken the inner power of everyday people worldwide to accelerate personal growth and inner sovereignty so they can manifest their dreams into reality and live with purpose and inspiration.


Guiding individuals to apply the laws of Quantum to experience higher levels of spiritual awakening, transformation, and balance in all 7 areas of their lives through mentoring and a structured, supportive, and efficient educational community.

Meet the peopleBehind The Awakening Within

During your time with us, you will meet, learn from and work with these 4 key leaders, plus others in our team:

Warren Black

Founder, Spiritual Coach, Entrepreneur, Prophet/Teacher

Uncovering truths in all religions and bringing them together into a new breed of spirituality to usher in a new evolution for humanity.

Grace Black

Founder, Quantum Healer

Transformational energy worker committed to holding space for the sacred feminine and Mary Magdalene energy to heal our planet.

Steve Vincent

Spiritual Teacher, Word Master, Poet

A spiritual teacher with a gift to simplify esoteric and metaphysical wisdom so everyone quickly understands it.

William Black

Quantum Healer

A gifted worker in the shamanic dark arts William specialises in removing negative energy blockages which release everyday people from that which keeps them stuck.

Mike Thornton

Quantum Coach

A transformational coach helping clients harness the power of the universe to create and attract the abundance they desire through his practical teachings on remote viewing.