Warren Black is not only an advisor to Australia's wealthy and powerful. He is also a Grand Master of spirituality and empowerment. He has trained with gurus world over, channeling his own powers to unlock success and happiness for those around him.

In his professional life, Warren is Australia's foremost expert on offshore tax law and business growth. His company Wealth Safe has helped Australia's top 1% achieve a life of financial success and freedom.

The Awakening Within is a movement that Warren heavily believes. Helping you to move those seemingly impenetrable 'road blocks' and achieve the life you always dreamed of.

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"We've all grown up being told we can achieve anything. The sad thing is, as most people enter adulthood they forget this valuable lesson. Most of us are beaten down by our jobs or life commitments. We become slaves to routine and accept our fate, but there is another way.

You have the power for profound change and staggering achievements. You really can achieve anything you want, you just have to know how to clear the path and allow your potential to run free!”

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Connor Marshall

Connor Marshall

Member 2 Years

“I have known Warren for a few years now. It was his mindset and lifestyle that had me first approach him about mentorship.

At first I was hesitant to be exposed to manifestations and energetic clearings. However, things began to change for me. I went from earning under $50k per annum, working for someone else to working for myself, doubling my income and clearing all my debts within 12 months. Not to mention the extra money I saved, through techniques and advice I learned from the City Awakening mentorship program. I was able to invest wisely to further grow my income.

Still to this day, my business continues to grow through the help of manifestations and energetic clearings. If you take your first step into this program the only time you’ll ever look back, is to see how far you’ve come. I could not recommend Warren from city awakening enough.”

Adam Yarrington

Adam Yarrington

Member 3 months

“ I was introduced to Warren’s work by a friend that knew about some tax issues I was struggling with and he recommended that this mentorship program could help me. As I got to know Warren better by listening to his webinars, I was captivated by his topic on spiritual manifestation and clearing of negative blockages that may be hindering me from achieving my financial and spiritual goals.

I instantly gravitated to this aspect of his work and after listening to an introductory webinar, I subscribed to his online course, through doing this course I found Warren to be a genuine purveyor and practitioner of the school of spiritual arts. I found his information very valuable for my own growth. I discovered a great deal about myself as I got to understand Warren's teachings. He relayed the messages in his teachings with such kindness and humour.

I highly recommend him as a great teacher. I look forward to watching him grow as a successful teacher and healer in the coming years. Thanks Warren!”

M Thornton

M Thornton

Member 18 months

“I enrolled for Warren's teachings on clearing energetic mindset blocks around money and tax and on learning how to manifest..

This completely changed my life. I ended up going to Las Vegas and even learned how to use energy to read sports games, place bets and make extra income.

All this has resulted in far more clarity in my mind, more ability to manifest what I really want rather than unconsciously attract the things I don't want. I have new opportunities opening for my life and my business.

I am on my way to an exciting life. I recommend this program to anyone.”

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