Curses, Hexes and Spells – How They Affect You

By The Awakening Within

September 12, 2018

You’re always hearing us talking about curses, hexes and spells in our group.

But what do we actually mean by them?

Curses, hexes and spells are similar but have slight differences:

Curses are negative imprints placed on you by peoples’ thoughts. They are on the soul not the body and affect your mental and emotional state and what you’re creating and attracting into your life.

Hexes are the practise of casting an evil spell on someone. They are on a person’s body or a business or other physical property of a person.

The big difference between a curse and a hex is that a curse can be put on your soul by anyone who wishes misfortune on you, whereas a hex is put on your body.

Most curses or hexes are put on you unintentionally. However, sometimes they can be put on you intentionally by black magicians or dark sorcerers.

For example, I had a lady who was advanced in sexual spiritual work and witchcraft put a curse on me.

I wasn’t aware of it but fortunately, a trained shaman recognised it and helped me to see it. 

This was a strong curse and it took a lot of work to remove it. When I tuned into her telepathically, it turned out she was angry at me about an issue and she wanted to punish me.

In fact, she even went as far as to energetically block up my sexual organs and I was feeling no drive.

Once this was shifted, things cleared, and I don’t need to elaborate on what happened next 😊

Another example was a business JV partner who felt really offended towards me. He was an evolved businessman and spiritually inclined.

He put a strong curse on me to affect my business to punish me as he felt I cheated him in business. 
Once I removed the curse, not only did my business start prospering again but he and I met and he resolved things with me (after being clear he wanted to sue me).

So this stuff really works to transform your business and financial life.

(As an aside, if your business or finances are really struggling, there is a real possibility you have curses or hexes. It’s worth finding out if you do.)

The good news is an undeserved curse does not come to rest. That is, if your energy is strong and powerful and you’re in a good state of mind, it won’t affect you.

(Otherwise people’s unending hateful thoughts towards you would all affect you. This isn’t the case. It is only thoughts where you have an energetic openness.)

A curse or hex attaching to you usually comes in a moment of weakness or an area of your life where you have vulnerabilities.

For example, if you feel guilt or shame around your body and somebody’s imagining sickness or disease to come on your body, the curse is more likely to affect you.

This is how voodoo originally came about, ie. witch doctors in Africa would create dolls of people and imagine harm onto them, and because the people were superstitious, full of fear and revered the witch doctors, the curses and hexes would happen to them.

This is how manifestation works.

Let’s take a further example:

Your fearful thoughts are even more powerful than your faith filled thoughts. Hence why it is so important to manage fear in your life.

Or if you have self-worth issues around your business, and don’t believe you can do it, the curse can attach to your business and affect your cashflow.

You might even end up with a tax audit or a horrible government issue if people around you are putting curses upon you. 

For example, if your business is big and growing, competitors may be jealous of you and their energy, hatred and negative energy towards you can put a curse or hex on your business.

I clear curses and hexes on my business regularly.
I do this in the same way I clean my house on a regular basis. If you leave it for even a few days, it’ll get dirty and dishes pile up.

Likewise, if you build up negative energy and curses around your finances even for a few days, it can start affecting you. I’m sure you sense what I mean.

To elaborate further, jealousy, competitors who are against you and the mass consciousness can affect your business and even cause your business to experience government issues or similar things if you’re not protecting yourself and your finances energetically.

I had a situation where one of my companies went down dramatically and it turned out after a shamanic reading that the negative hostility of my competitors and others wanting me to fail was draining my business because I had some doubts and had got sloppy.

Once we cleared it, the business started to flow money again.

I emphasise most curses and hexes are completely unintentional. From my experience only 10% or less are actually imposed intentionally by black magicians sorcerers or people around you.

Both curses and hexes are performed by people as agents to implement them.

However, the power behind curses or hexes being effective is as a result of evil supernatural beings.

Or putting it another way, beings who understand spiritual laws but who are full of fear and anger and out of alignment with their celestial path are misusing their power to repress the consciousness of the planet and keep people separated from Source. 

That is, not returning to the One.

In Conclusion

If you’d like to permanently remove curses, hexes and spells from you, take the necessary steps to clear and get rid of them forever!

That is, take action of some kind to deal with it.

The best ways to deal with them is by performing energetic clearings on yourself regularly, saying daily affirmations of protection and constantly visualising a pyramid/energy shield around your whole body.

If you’re keen to remove any curses, hexes and spells from your energy, and know it’s a BIG problem in your life…

Book a free 30-minute Discovery Call with our team to discuss your situation, uncover the blockages or dark energies silently holding you back, and learn to breakthrough these restrictions to achieve the life you truly desire.

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Curses, Hexes and Spells – How They Affect You


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