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Deeper Meanings Behind Sickness

By The Awakening Within

September 19, 2018

Did you know there’s always deeper meanings behind sickness?

It’s not just a coincidence or accident, it’s your higher self trying to communicate something to you.

It may be a result of suppressing your emotions, craving love or nourishment, or going out of alignment with your life purpose.

For example, I’ve had eczema multiple times. Every time, it was because I was suppressing my feelings.

Why Does Sickness Happen To Us?

It may sound strange but sicknesses help us get back on track. It’s so easy to get out of alignment with our life purpose.

Sickness is often the only way our higher self can get through to us.

For example, you might’ve felt stressed or overwhelmed with your work, hence your body forces you to take a rest through some sort of sickness.

Consequently, the root of an illness won’t go away until you deal with what’s going on.

When you ignore the minor symptoms, you invite more chaos into your body because true healing requires aligning with your purpose and speaking your truth.

If you don’t speak, your body speaks for you.

That is, if you feel angry, resentful or jealous towards someone, you need to tell them or else, your body may flare up.

This has happened to me multiple times.

I felt resentful towards someone in my family and didn’t know how to communicate it. In turn, my body flared up with eczema.

Steps To Healing Yourself

Healing yourself can be challenging and at times, you may feel like you’re going nowhere.

Fortunately, there are a multiple things to heal yourself. (Cortisone is not one of them 😊).

  1. Get to the root of your sickness and immediately get it out your system. i.e. tell someone your feeling resentful towards them, figure out if you’re out of alignment with your life purpose etc.
  2. Change your diet. You need to keep yourself in top shape physically and spiritually. Sometimes, skin problems can be a result of eating something that’s really bad for your system.
  3. I know it might be hard but be grateful and thank the universe for being in the process of healing your body. You must love yourself to get on top of it.
  4. Do daily clearings or meditation.

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In Conclusion

Sicknesses always have deeper meanings behind them.

They aren’t just coincidences.

Figure out what caused it and instantly be on your journey to healing yourself! 😊

Deeper Meanings Behind Sickness


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