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How Fluoride Affects Spirituality – Shocking Truth

By The Awakening Within

September 21, 2018

How Fluoride Affects Your Spirituality

Fluoride may help prevent tooth decay …

But did you know fluoride can severely impact your spirituality and third eye?

How Does Fluoride Affect Me From Awakening?

Let me explain it simply …

When you get exposed to fluoride, it causes your pineal gland (third eye) to calcify.

What does this mean?

Very simply, it affects your psychic ability and intuition.

Why is fluoride added into our water, toothpaste and foods?

Well it’s simple: The government wants to control the world.

When I say “government”, I mean the big corporations and those with all the money, such as pharmaceuticals.

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To do that, they have to prevent people from spiritually awakening and standing up for themselves.

Big corporations don’t want us waking up and finding our power, therefore they try to limit our spirituality through things like fluoride, vaccinations, media, etc.


The answer is simple.

They seek dominion and to do that, you need society of clueless sheep who passively agree to follow your orders.

Fun Fact: 😊

Did you know …

In the 1800s, fluoride was a key ingredient in rat poison and insecticides!

When mixed into any food substance, rats would consume the poison and die.

Do You Have Proof?


According to a 500 page scientific review, fluoride is an endocrine disruptor that can affect your bones, brain, thyroid gland, pineal gland and even your blood sugar levels!

Here is 10 FACTS you need to know about fluoride by Dr Mercola.

Dr Mercola is a natural doctor who specialises in awakening in these types of areas!

Here are two more sources to prove to you how bad fluoride is.

1. National Research Council (2006) –

2. Environmental Health Perspectives (2012) –

In conclusion

The government adds fluoride into our water, toothpaste and foods to affect our spirituality!

This is because …

If they have a society of clueless sheep who follow every order, they’ll establish dominion and limit us from ascending and spiritually awakening.

How Can I Limit My Fluoride and Grow My Spirituality?

There’s seven ways you can limit (or even prevent) fluoride from coming into you.

You can do this by:

1. Buying toothpaste without fluoride

2. Buying a water filter

There are three types of filters that remove fluoride. They are reverse osmosis, deionizers, and activated alumina.

3. Avoiding fluoride gel treatments from dentists

4. Eating fresh and organic foods/beverages, and less processed foods

5. Avoiding fluorinated pharmaceuticals

6. Using skate liver oil

7. Doing clearings and energetic work (i.e. through visualization and clearing out fluoride from your brain)

Having a little fluoride is ok (but try to keep it as minimal as possible – no fluoride works best if you can help it), but just make sure you don’t consume high levels of fluoride!

Come to our clearing webinars and live streams!

You can start clearing your fluoride today and seek to grow your spirituality!

How Fluoride Affects Spirituality – Shocking Truth


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