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Leo Soul, Mission, Personality, Love and Gifts

By The Awakening Within

March 25, 2019

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. If you’re born between the 23rd July – 22nd August, you’re a Leo.

The Leo Zodiac sign is symbolized by a lion, representing a creature with courage, leadership and pride in accomplishments.

Leo is the second sign in the fire element, alongside Aries and Sagittarius.

Leo Personality Traits & Natural Gifts

People under this sign are natural born leaders. They are highly self-confident, courageous, dominant and very social.

It’s not surprising to see a Leo who grew up as team captain in sports.

Your warm and lively energy attracts lots of people to you … often resulting in being classified as the “life of a party”.

Leos are very warm-hearted and friendly people. They’re always living and enjoying life to the fullest.

These people know how to make the most of what they’ve got whether it’s mentally, psychologically, intellectually, etc.

Compliments and praise gives Leos confidence and encourages them to express the best side of themselves … which means they can sometimes be prone to flattery and followers.

When a Leo’s in their true soul, they have no fear being the centre of attention and leading massive groups of people.

One thing Leos must be mindful of is their ego.

In their true soul, Leos are fearless and brave individuals, which makes them impossible to challenge, hurt or destroy. Like a lion, they won’t ever take these things lightly.

In fact, their only problem they must look out for is to not become too aggressive when they confront.

Leos are very action-oriented and driven by the desire to be loved and admired.

Details are not their strong suit. They prefer to leave this to others and love to be involved seeing the big picture and get the ideas.

They genuinely have a big-heart for humanity and love to serve others. They’re highly energetic and very captivating.

Since they have a big heart for humanity, they’re very giving and generous people in many different areas of life whether it’s financially, emotionally, physically and so on.

These people are very optimistic and always see the bright side of situations.

When they speak, they are straightforward and not afraid to express themselves and speak their truth. When someone or something upsets them, they won’t be afraid to let them know.

In fact, they can sometimes express themselves too much and their words can cut through people’s souls like swords.

Leos are naturally very ambitious, action-oriented and headstrong people. This is why they have no trouble succeeding when the fully commit to a task or project.

They’re also naturally very creative people. By nature, they’re extroverted and outgoing people and it’s rare you’ll find a shy Leo.

Leo Love and Relationships

When a Leo loves someone, they’re very loyal. Sometimes this can make them possessive and jealous … which is something they must be mindful of.

In relationships, as a fire sign, they’re passionate, fun, respectful and very generous.

Leos need a partner who’s self-aware, reasonable and highly intellectual. They also need a partner who’s just as strong as they are and not afraid to express or fight for themselves. Strength is key to them.

They are very adventurous and energetic in relationships, which many people can’t keep up with. This is why they need a partner who’s just as crazy as themselves … otherwise their freedom and sense of independence will feel tied down.

One thing Leos must be aware of is the emotional side of a relationship.

They have a natural tendency to only be drawn to the physical and intellectual side of relationships, often forgetting about the emotions and connection with their partner.

Leos are very romantic and love giving to those they love. They are willing to spend big on gifts for their family or partners and expect the same back.

Attention is big for Leos. When their partner starts ignoring or giving little attention to them and making them second priority … it hits them hard.

It’s important for their partner to make them feel cherished. They need to feel emotionally and mentally stimulated.

Just like in all other areas of their life, Leos love to be in charge or on equal level. When they feel less superior to their partner, this builds up resentment within and gives them the urge to pull away.

In a relationship, Leos must feel as if they’re being treated like a queen or king by their partner.

Leo Career and Finances

Leos are very ambitious and hard-working people. When they have their whole heart into a career or work, they have no trouble finding success.

Since they have a high ambition and natural leadership skills, the best career for them would have to give them a sense of freedom, position of authority and where they can somewhat be their own boss. They’re very quick to lose passion when they feel others are superior to them.

It’s important for a Leo to have a career where they feel they’re in charge of their destiny.

This is why it’s not surprising to see Leos pursue careers in business.

Other important areas for them in a work environment would be where they’re freely able to express their creative, inspiring and humanitarian energy.

Some careers which Leos thrive in can be athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, actors, event co-ordinators, etc.

The worst thing you can do to a Leo is make them feel unvalued, unappreciated and overlooked for their work. This’ll make them quickly lose passion and motivation to continue working.

Leos are not easily discouraged by the goals they set, and always chase after them with lots of determination.

When a Leo has their full heart into a career, it’s hard for them not to succeed.

They’re generally not good with details and need others to do that for them. They prefer to be involved in the big picture and ideas.

By nature, Leos naturally love to spend money. This is an area they must be mindful of.

They love to spend money on others just as much as themselves because of their generous nature.

Leo Soul Mission

A Leo’s soul mission is to inspire and lead others around them. They have a natural spark in their personality which captivates the audience.

It’s important for a Leo to live a life where their gifts of leadership, warmth, inspiration and love for humanity are expressed.

Leos naturally have a role in this world to be of service to humanity … and deep down, this is what they’ve always desired.

In this lifetime, it’s important for them to develop wholeness within themselves and a strong sense of uniqueness.

Since they often live life being highly admired and looked up to by others, they must learn to master their egos and offer love to humanity with no expectations.

Learning how to express their creativity is also important to in a Leo’s life path. This reveals their uniqueness as a person and proclaims who they are.

Leo Soul, Mission, Personality, Love and Gifts


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