The Afterlife - What Is It? What Happens When You Die?

The Afterlife – What Is It? What Happens When You Die?

By The Awakening Within

October 8, 2018

The after life is a very interesting topic.

To this day, people still debate what happens when you “die”.

So let’s get into it!

What Is The After Life?

Put simply, the after life is life after death.

Our physical bodies belong to the third dimension but our soul is an incarnation of Source, or “God”.

That is, we’re all One. Like Michael Jackson’s song states, “you’re just another part of me.” And we’re all incarnates of Source, all with a different mission for the planet.

What Happens In The After Life?

It depends because karma is what defines your after life.

When you do good for humanity, you’ll attract good karma.

When you do bad things to the world, you’ll attract bad karma.

Another way your karma is judged is determined by if you followed your life purpose or not.

Everyone has a different mission on the planet, some follow their path while others don’t.

That is, if you’ve gone off your life purpose, you’ll attract bad karma.

Likewise, if you’ve followed your path, you’ll attract great karma.

Let’s Go Into More Depth:


You have 12 incarnates which means you are one of 12 souls on this universe united as one.

Each person has 12 different souls they are connected with, and it’s possible some might not be on this planet!

In order to fully ascend, all 12 must ascend.

If you’re awakened, you can still ascend, but not past the 12th dimension.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus Christ had 12 disciples?

It’s all synchronicity, plus he taught them everything he knew and they all ascended.

This is why Christ light and consciousness is so powerful.

What Happens When You Ascend All 12?

Simply you become One with the universe.

You’ll get the choice of either:

1- Never returning to earth.

You become one with the universe and galaxy.

“Time” doesn’t exist. ie. Because you’re in the quantum realm, time doesn’t exist. You can time travel, teleport, manipulate consciousness etc.

2- Return back to earth.

If you love this planet, you’ll want to come back.

If you come back, you’ll be switched on since birth. You’ll always know what your mission is and be fully activated when you’re born.

If you ascend, but not all 12 incarnates, you most likely will reincarnate.

Although you reincarnate, you’ll be very switched on and your mission will be to ascend all 12.

If you don’t ascend all 12, you’ll still be an ascended master, but you can’t enter above the 12th dimension.


If you completely go off the path, deceive people, or live in darkness you’re guaranteed to either:

1- Reincarnate and live a terrible life.

That is, whatever you did in your past lifetimes, you’ll attract it back to you until you clear it or repay the people you tricked.

2- Get trapped in the third dimension.

We’ve written an article about ghosts previously. If you want to read it, click here.

What happens is, after some people die, their soul gets trapped in the third dimension and get stuck until someone sets them free.

In Conclusion

The afterlife all depends on how you lived your life, so if you went off the path, you’ll reincarnate and get “pay-back”.

By contrast, if you complete your mission, you’ll become an ascended master.

To become at one with Christ, all 12 of your incarnates must ascend.

The Afterlife – What Is It? What Happens When You Die?


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