– Includes LIVE Q&A
How to maintain optimum mental, spiritual and emotional health in today’s turbulent times
Wednesday 2 February 2022
5:30pm AWST/8:30pm AEDT
Online via Zoom
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Master Raymon Grace said,
“Everything is energy and energy can be transformed.”

And what he did - which revolutionized my life - was teach me HOW to stay energetically clean in an ever-increasing toxic world.

And now William and I are running a FREE LIVE ENERGY CLEARING WEBINAR to pass on these secrets to you.

If you are awake and tuned in to what’s happening on the planet right now, you’ll know that staying clean energetically in these times is even more important than being clean physically.

We can pick up dark energies from anywhere… the mass consciousness, mainstream media, friends, and relatives… rallies, workplaces, social media… literally anywhere.

And if you don’t clear these energies regularly, they can – silently – run your life by keeping your vibration and frequency low.

Symptoms you may have negative energies attached to you:

If you experience any of the following…

   l   Tiredness for no apparent reason
   l   Brain fog or reduced ability to make decisions
   l   Irritability, mood swings, being triggered by random events/people
   l   Negative or dark thought patterns
   l   Business or career feeling stalled
   l   Trouble sleeping or waking up in the early hours
   l   Feelings of stress or anxiety for no “obvious” reason

…then there’s a good chance you have picked up negative energies without knowing it.

The mass consciousness and the toxic energy of the mass media affect us every day and more than we realise.

The GREAT NEWS is, William Black and I are offering you a FREE LIVE energy clearing session.

On this live and free training, William and I:
  • Explain more about how energy clearing works
  • Reveal the protocol we use to clear negative and toxic energies
  • Conduct a live energy clearing for free
  • Throw the floor open and allow you to ask questions about energy clearing

The webinar will go for about an hour and you’ll walk away feeling an immediate difference.
Each person is unique in how they respond to a clearing, but you can expect to feel…
✔️ Lighter

✔️ Freer

✔️ Happier

✔️ More Alive

✔️ Or YOU may feel little in the way of immediate signs, but you'll wake the next day feeling a shift...

It’s an understatement to say many have asked us how they can stay energetically clean in these chaotic times.

So in response to this demand, at the end of the webinar we’ll be making a very affordable offer for you to work with William remotely on an ongoing basis. This not only clears your energy field but protects you from the toxic, negative energies swirling around us right now.

If you feel like you need a strong spiritual ally on your side, and that you’d love a way to “transform” the negative energies affecting your life, register now for the FREE webinar.
With William Black

When: Wednesday 2 February 2022
Time: 5:30pm WST
What: Live Energy Clearing session including Q&A
Cost: FREE
It’s more important than ever to stay “clean” energetically so this FREE webinar is not to be missed!
We look forward to seeing you there.
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