Live & Free Event:
 Remote Viewing for Profit
Introductory webinar shows how to “read” the probable future accurately and increase your chance to maximise profit
Working Remote Viewer Mike Thornton shares his predictive money - Book your seat now!
2 March 2022
5.30pm AWST
8:30pm AEDT

Online via Zoom
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Imagine if you could predict the future and find the outcome of ANY event in advance …

Do you think you’d be able to profit from this?

Well, of course you could! I bet you never thought this was possible!

Well it is…

When you know the secrets to a mental process called “Remote Viewing”.

Sound too good to be true?

Let’s ease your skepticism by inviting you to a FREE “Remote Viewing for Profit

Introductory Training” so you can see what’s possible.

Learning this skill helped me…

  • Pick the most successful business offer

  • Trade stocks, commodities and cryptocurrency markets

  • Get the forthcoming price spot on

And one of our favourites…

  • Successfully bet on sports games!

If any of those interest you, book your seat now to see how it’s done.

Here are the details:

What: Remote Viewing for Profit Introductory Webinar

When: Wednesday, 2nd March at 5.30pm Perth time (8.30pm AEDT)

Cost: Free

Where: Zoom

Interested in gaining your own “UNFAIR ADVANTAGE” but still have questions?

Here are the…

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1 – What is Remote Viewing?

A: Remote viewing is a skill that trains the mind to access the field of intelligent consciousness to acquire knowledge and information about any person, place, or thing in the past, present, or future (as it goes beyond time and space). This is purely scientific. Not esoteric or woo woo. The CIA and the US government developed Remote Viewing by studying how the best natural psychics acquire information at the unconscious level and turned it into a systematic process. That is, they unlocked their “unconscious competence” and worked out how to sense the future in advance before it happened. Remote viewing is a scientific data collection process in which the human mind obtains information at an unconscious level. The best news is, it’s a LEARNABLE SKILL!

Q2 – What can remote viewing be used for?

A: Reading the most likely future outcome so you make money!

Q3 – Who is presenting

A: My remote viewing partner and friend Mike Thornton, a highly skilled accomplished remote viewer.

Q4 – Is there an “upsell” to a deeper training

A: Full disclosure here – yes, we are running a LIVE 5-Week “Remote Viewing For Profit” in-depth training starting on March 7. We’ll reveal all the details at the free introductory webinar.

Q5 – What will I learn on the free webinar?

A: Here’s what we’ll be covering on the night:
  • How to improve your ability to read energy to intuitively sense financial markets, results of sports games, trades and people’s integrity
  • How to collect information about any person, place, or event using Remote Viewing
  • How to read any event in the probable future for making profitable investment decisions
  • How to create a connection to a target (desired financial outcome) and then retrieve information back to your conscious mind for making decisions
  • How to set up a system to retrieve information about a specific market, instrument, or trading vehicle and profit from this
  • And how to LEARN Remote Viewing in a scientific, step by step way SO YOU CAN exponentially add to your bottom line and create continual income

Q6. How long will the introductory webinar go?

A: 60 to 90 minutes

You don’t want to miss this incredible webinar. This is a rare chance to learn a unique method to boost your profits and live the life you deserve!

Book your free seat now.
See you there!

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