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Auric Clearing Certification

15 Classes
“Learn the PRACTICAL steps to become a qualified healer to make more money”


Do you desire to...

✔️ Become a certified auric healer, and receive a qualification to heal others to generate more income

✔️ Break yourself and others free from negative beliefs or patterns around money which hold you back from gaining the financial abundance you deserve

✔️ Learn how to balance and align chakras, so you never have to worry about attracting false influences or negative energies to your life

✔️ Help shift the consciousness of the planet and raise the earth’s frequency

✔️ Know how to clear yourself personally so you can always maintain a state of strength, clarity, peace and focus to do the things you really love and live a prosperous lifestyle in every area (ie. Financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc.)

✔️ Qualify yourself as a healer so you can heal others from a position of experience and power, while making more money doing what you truly love

✔️ Receive PRACTICAL skills to transition from a job you hate into a career to heal others in a way which keeps you aligned with your purpose, produces an ABUNDANT income and makes you happy

✔️ Be part of awakening the planet and doing what you truly love in a way which also gives you an abundant financial lifestyle

This course teaches you how to...

• Clear yourself personally so you are coming from a position of experience and power. The teacher must be living it themselves!

• Provide healing for others

• Do it for planet earth to activate the grids and shift the consciousness of the planet as we’re entering into the Ascension Age

• Heal others and do what you LOVE to generate more income in a way which aligns with your purpose and happiness

BIG INTENTION is for you to get out and just DO it!

How this Course Works
  • This course teaches you the art of auric healing, as well as the practical steps on how to take this skill and use it to make more money.
  • The main lessons and fundamental training on the Auric Clearing Certification are pre-recorded.
  • This allows you to access all the best information immediately.
  • There are also live monthly webinars for 12 months where we answer any questions you have, as well as helping to reinforce the material and clear you.
  • When you feel you’re ready, you let us know and we’ll submit you through a full examination. Once you pass, you’ll receive your official certification.

What's covered in this course:
Class 1: Introduction and Preparation
  • The different types of auric attachments (energy blockages) everyone has
  • How to connect to your higher self
  • How to read energy signatures
  • The process of self-calibration
Class 2: Introduction to Auric Clearing
  • The science behind an Auric Clearing and how it works
  • What your Auric Field is and how it operates
  • Further education on auric attachments and the 15 chakras
  • The difference between being a healer and running a practice or business
  • Energy healing around occupants in the mind/head
Class 3: Full Auric Clearing
  • Revision on the difference between a healer vs running a practice or business
  • Full clearing on your auric attachments

Class 4: Real Time Healing From a Student
  • What it means to be a healer in depth
  • First FULL auric clearing performed by a student (this helps you get a better idea of how to heal from a beginners perspective)

Class 5: Revision and More Live Healing Practice
  • Revision on what it means to be a healer
  • Two FULL auric clearings performed by two students (this helps you get a better idea of how to heal from a beginners perspective)

Class 6: What it Takes To Be a Healer
  •  Further education on how to be a powerful healer
  • 5 things to master to run a successful practice or business as a healer
  • Third FULL auric clearing by another student

Class 7: Integration
  • Q & A Session
  • The challenges with running a  profitable healing practice
Class 8: Practical Training on Building Value
  • Lead generation secrets to a successful healing practice
  • How to give and present your value to others
  • Skills to build liking/trust/credibility with your market
  • The process to walk people in baby steps rather than rushing ahead The Rule of reciprocation
  • How to build authority
  • 7 figure webinar formula introduction

Class 9: Sales Training
  • The different types of healing practices
  •  Wealth and tax businesses
  •  Sales training

Class 10: Being an Online Healer Part 1
  • Q & A Session
  • Our unique 7 figure webinar formula parts and stages

Class 11: Being an Online Healer Part 2
  • Revision of the 7 figure webinar formula
  • A live example of the 7F webinar formula in action

Class 12: Healing
  •  Q & A Session
  • Full Auric Clearing for each participant to experience 

Class 13: Background to Etheric Healing
  • The background and science of etheric healing
  • The rise of etheric healing fast becoming the new field of medicine
  •  How the auric body works
Class 14: Auric Clearing on Specific Subject Matters

You will receive an auric clearing around…

  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Health
  •  Spiritual

Class 15: Final Integration
  • Final integration
  • Revision on everything you’ve learned
  • Reflection
  • Students sharing their experiences

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Copyright © 2020 - The Awakening Within