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Curses, Hexes & Spells

3 Classes
"Transform the energies BLOCKING you from success in your life!"


Do you desire to...

✔️ Get rid of negative energy and entities, curses, hexes and spells which unknowingly affect your money, business and investments

✔️ Stop self-sabotage with your finances and finally take control of how your financial future is heading instead of relying on others for income

✔️ Clear negative associations with tax and / or governments which subconsciously holds you back financially which have come about through curses put on you

✔️ Clear blocks keeping you out of alignment with your purpose which cause it to be hard to make money

✔️ Create an energetic shield around your finances so your wealth is protected from lawsuits, unjust debt, others chasing your money, etc.

Here's what you'll learn in this course:
Step 1: Introduction to Curses Hexes and Spells

To start the course off, you’ll learn what curses, hexes, and spells are, along with some other negative energy blockages. You’ll learn how all these blockages play a major role in attracting self-sabotage around finances, lawsuits, opportunities not aligned with your purpose, etc. You’ll then learn the process of how to shift the energy behind these negative blockages.

Step 2: Full Negative Energy Healing

Once you understand all the negative energies and entities which play a big role with your finances, you’ll then undergo a major energy cleanse to remove all of witchcraft, curses and other blockages out of your system. This will begin the process of transformation in your finances, alignment with your purpose, health, and much more.

Step 3: Reflection and Integration

Once your energy field has been cleared from ALL negative energies and entities, you’ll attend a final class to reflect on everything you learned and felt during the course. This will also give you the opportunity to integrate the energy healings and allow a new vibration to take over in your body to open the path to a rebirth in your finances, life purpose, happiness, relationships, etc.

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Copyright © 2020 - The Awakening Within

Copyright © 2020 - The Awakening Within