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DNA Activation

6 Classes
"Activate your soul and become who you’re meant to be!"


Do you desire to...

✔️ Increase your brain power so you can focus and concentrate better in everything you do

✔️ Learn how to heal yourself, gain “psychic powers” to read any situation at any time for your benefit, and better connect with your higher self so you can KNOW exactly how to live your life abundantly and to its fullest potential

✔️ Discover your life purpose for this planet and be guided directly from Source and higher realms on how to practically fulfil your mission

✔️ Activate all your DNA strands, template, and fire letters so you can reach your fullest potential without limitation and manifest the life you truly desire

✔️ Stop self-sabotage with finances and transform your professional life for the better

Here's what you'll learn in this course: 
Step 1
Introduction to DNA Activation

To begin, you’ll be taught exactly what DNA Activation is, how it helps you, and what it’s really all about. You’ll be introduced to every energy contained in your DNA  and be shown how each attachment or energy influences a certain area of your life. We’ll also begin a deep energetic cleanse which will remove the blockages limiting you from reaching your full potential, as well as activating your first 3 “DNA strands”.

Step 2
Further DNA and Energy Teachings

The next part of the training will go have a deeper look at DNA, epigenetics and a deep karmic clearing to remove all karma which no longer serves you in this lifetime. You’ll also receive a further energetic cleanse which will target other blockages missed in the first round. To finish off, your next 3 DNA strands will activate. 

Step 3
Introduction to “Fire Letters”

Next, you’ll be introduced to what fire letters are. Once you understand what they are, you’ll receive an activation on them, as well as a further clearing to remove blockages and entities attached to your deepest soul level. Your next 3 DNA strands will be activated too.

Step 4
Final DNA Activation and Chakra Balancing

The final step is to balance all 15 of your chakras so you can draw and hold more energy to stay focused, driven and connected to your purpose, career, and other areas of your life with ease. We will activate your DNA to its highest energetic holding potential which will make it much easier for you to pursue your goals and manifest the reality you desire. To finish the course off, your final 3 DNA strands will be activated.

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Copyright © 2020 - The Awakening Within