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Energy Reading

6 Classes
"Master your mind and create the reality you desire!"


Do you desire to...

✔️ Finally take the right steps to create the reality you truly desire in every area of your life (ie. Become more prosperous, happy, peaceful, in purpose, healthy, loved, etc)

✔️ Make more quality decisions in your business, career and life so you can attract the right people, opportunities and energy around you to finally step into your purpose and fulfil your mission 

✔️ Start attracting investments or opportunities which make you money, even residual income to live the abundant life you deserve 

✔️ STOP attracting bad investment opportunities or know when to get out of investments or situations quickly so your energy, finances and purpose doesn’t get drained or held back

✔️ Have your wealth energetically protected from bad losses, unfair lawsuits, investigations, or otherwise, even learn to neutralise speeding fines, tax debts, etc.

✔️ Stop self-sabotage with finances and transform your professional life for the better

✔️ Get rid of ALL blockages, negative energies and entities holding you back in your business, and STOP self-sabotage around your finances once and for all

Here's what you'll learn in this course: 
Step 1
Introduction to Energy Reading

To begin, you’ll be introduced to the basics of energy reading, what it is and how it works in relation to your mind and energy. You’ll learn how energy reading works around finances, and how to use it so effectively.

Step 2
Introduction to the Laws of Manifestation

The next lessons you’ll learn will be focused on the laws of manifestation around business, tax regulatory and investment so you can understand why you’ve attracted your past experiences. This step will mainly focus around how you can master your mind and brain so you can finally take control of your life and start attracting what you truly desire into your reality.

Step 3
Advanced Energy Reading Training

The next part of the training focuses on the basics of energy reading. We look at different methods used to read energy effectively, as well as give an introduction to “remote viewing”. We even look at how you can use these techniques in trading, investing or betting at the casino! This is very practical and hands on. 

Step 4
Energy Protection and Cleansing

Next, we go through an energetic tax minimisation and wealth protection. This teaches you how to create an energetic SHIELD around your finances so you stop attracting bad investments, money losses, unfair lawsuits, etc. We go through a FULL “auric clearing” of negative entities, chakra unbalances or blockages limiting you from making more money. You learn how to clear negative imprints yourself which are subconsciously holding you back from getting ahead in your professional and personal life.

Step 5
Further Energy Protection and Cleansing

This is a continue on from the previous step. We go more in detail about how to create a shield over your finances to keep it safe from bad losses so you can ensure you won’t attract negative experiences moving forward. You learn how money is energy, as well as receive a clearing to get rid of imprints and blockages around money, investments, business, career, etc. which are STOPPING you from having an aligned, meaningful and prosperous career.

Step 6
Review and Application

To finish the course off, you review everything you learned over all the classes and get a practical look at moving forward, and how to live this in your daily life in light of your new learnings! This is where you put everything your knowledge into action.

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Copyright © 2020 - The Awakening Within