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Investment, Cashflow and Residual Income

9 Classes and A BONUS Class
“Make money while you sleep through the secrets of the wealthy”


Do you desire to...

✔️ See a financial explosion in your business or career and smash through these challenging times

✔️ Learn the secrets of the wisest and most abundant men in history and how to apply their knowledge into your life, so you can do the things you truly love without any lack, striving or worry for money

✔️ Make money while you sleep and NEVER have to work again unless you choose to 

✔️ Master your mind so you can ALWAYS make the right decisions, get better focus and concentration, develop a clear picture of how you want your life to be and know exactly how achieve your dream life with PRACTICAL steps

✔️ Become IMMUNE to scammers and audits and start attracting investments which make you money, are aligned with your path and run by honest people (note: this automatically repels the bad investment opportunities and prevents your decision making to be negatively influenced)

✔️ Attract highly profitable investments run by people of integrity

✔️ Gain complete freedom, abundance and peace in all areas of your life

Here's what you'll learn in this course:
Class 1: Practical Skills to Make More Money

To begin the course, you learn the principles and skills to make more money in your business and personal life. This training combines the scientific, esoteric and practical skills necessary to skyrocket your business sales and growth. You learn how the laws of manifestation and how to apply them to attract wealth, PLUS you learn the secrets of how to invest successfully to make profit. 

Class 2: Manifestation and Financial Planning

This class focuses on manifestation more in depth, the science behind how it works and how to master your mind to attract more money in your business or career. Next, we go more in depth on how to invest successfully, plus how to create a financial plan to ensure your money is going to the best use to make you more abundant in the long run.

Class 3: Investment and Financial Plan

This class gives a detailed lesson on how to live your life by instinct. You learn the difference between instinct and intellect, and how each of them work to drive business success. We also go into the basics of an investment or financial plan, and building REAL wealth. 

Class 4: Science Behind Quantum Physics and Manifestation

Class 4 specifically focuses on the science behind quantum physics and manifestation. This reveals how the mind, heart and universe work, and how we can master each of these areas to create true wealth within. Once you’ve mastered yourself internally, you can then manifest it into physical wealth. We then end the class off by going into more detail about the basics of a financial or investment plan, and how to build real wealth.

Class 5: Holistic Financial Planning – Part 1

This class focuses on the lessons you can take from the “Water into Wine” story, which can apply to your business, investment and personal life. The next part of the training goes into detail about the importance of holistic financial planning, and how you can start doing it to increase profits and produce high money-making assets.

Class 6: Holistic Financial Planning
– Part 2

We start this class off by revising the key lessons of the “Water into Wine” story, and how to apply them into your life. The next part of the training focuses on the difference between traditional financial planning compared to holistic, so you can get a better idea of how the two work. This is a mixture of practical and holographic skills being taught. To finish, you learn the mindset, behaviour and attitude of an abundant and sovereign man/woman which you can implement into your own life.

Class 7: Conscious Investing and Sovereignty

This is a continue on from class 6. We explore deeper into the skills of holistic/holographic financial planning and how to use it to grow your wealth abundantly. Next, you learn the secrets of what it takes to be a successful conscious investor. To finish, we go more in depth about the mindset of a sovereign individual with complete freedom and prosperity. This gives you inspiration and clarity on what you should desire to work towards. 

Class 8: How to Build Residual Income

This class is a very practical training. We continue on from our lessons of a true sovereign and free individual, followed by the 4 archetypes/personalities which make a business work. This will give you a good feel for what your mission or personality type is for your career, and how to use it effectively. To end, we focus on the practical skills to make lots of residual income. You get introduced to the 7 laws of wealth. In this class, we cover the first 3.

Class 9: The 7 Laws of Wealth

The class starts off with a revision from last week on the 4 archetypes which make a business work. We then put all the focus into a detailed teaching on the 7 laws of wealth to make more money, build residual income and invest successfully. The course is finished off with a final clearing/activation to prepare you for abundance, prosperity, and guidance.

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Copyright © 2020 - The Awakening Within