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Awakening Your Innate Manifestation

11 Classes
"To take charge of your reality and transform every area of your life!"


Do you desire to...

✔ Experience your own miracle that brings in the financial abundance you deserve

✔ Attract a high consciousness relationship with the man/woman of your dreams who supports and walks the journey with you.

✔ Master your mind and read energy so you can ALWAYS make the right decisions and pick out the best opportunities in your business or career to make more money

✔ Become IMMUNE to scammers and audits and start attracting investments which make you money, are aligned with your path and run by honest people (note: this automatically repels the bad investment opportunities and prevents your decision making to be negatively influenced)

✔ Get your health in top shape where you look and feel the best you ever have

✔ Have your wealth protected from lawsuits, governments, investigations or otherwise, even neutralise speeding fines, investigations, tax debts, etc.

Here's what you'll learn in this course:
Step 1: Introduction to Manifestation

Before you begin your manifestation sessions, you will learn the basics of energy reading and how it works with finances. You’ll also be introduced to the laws and process of manifestation around business, investments, and how to master your mind so you can take control of creating what you TRULY WANT financially in the future.

Step 2: Advanced Energy Reading

Once you’ve understood the principles of manifestation, you’ll then learn the basics of energy reading. This is important to manifestation. You’ll learn the different methods used, such as pendulums, bobbers, left hand and remote viewing. This will be useful so you can read the energy of ANY given situation around your career, relationships and making money!

Step 3: Energy Protection Around Finances

The next step is to start making more money with the power of manifestation is to have good energy and protection surrounding your finances. You’ll learn how to remove all the energetic imprints, blockages and negative entities limiting you from making the money you rightfully deserve. You’ll also learn how to create an energy shield around your finances so you NEVER have to worry about attracting tax audits, and other similar stuff like this. You’ll also receive a major energy cleanse on your chakras and auric field.

Step 4: Energy Healing Around Financial Blockages

The next step is to remove all limitations stopping you from manifesting your goals. You’ll learn how money is energy, and learn to clear blockages and negative entities around money, finances and investments.

Step 5: Practical Steps to Manifest

The final step is to practically apply everything you’ve learned into your daily life. You’ll get a great practical look at how you can ensure you’re implementing everything you’ve learned to live a prosperous and abundant life.

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Copyright © 2020 - The Awakening Within