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Mastering The I Ching

4 Classes
"Learn how to gain clarity and find answers on any challenge or situation in your life"


Do you desire to...

️ Be able to read any given situation in your life and determine whether it’s beneficial for you or not

️ Develop a strong intuition and learn how to use it to make more money, find prosperous investments and opportunities, attract the right people, improve your business or career, and more

️ Make better decisions in both your personal and professional life, so you never attract the wrong deals, people, or situations again and have to fix a mistake which could’ve easily been avoided

️ Gain incredible mental clarity so you can focus on what makes you happy without having to worry about any distractions, thoughts, events or blockages which limit your path to success, growth and abundance

️ Become IMMUNE to scammers and audits and start attracting investments which make you money, are aligned with your path and run by honest people (note: this automatically repels the bad investment opportunities and prevents your decision making to be negatively influenced)

Here's what you'll learn in this course:
Step 1: Introduction to the I Ching

To start the course off, you’ll be introduced to the I Ching and how it can be used to read energy, gain mental clarity, answers, and more. You’ll learn the various methods used to read energy accurately, as well as a wisdom and history behind the I Ching and how to use it.

Step 2: Wisdom of the I Ching

This class will include a bit of revision from last time, but more in depth. You’ll learn the 5 types of beings on planet earth, their DNA strands, what this means and how each of them have their own purpose, energy, and more. You’ll also learn more on how to use the I Ching to get accurate readings, answers and mental clarity on any given situation in your life.

Step 3: Energy Clearing & Revision

The final two classes do a final revision and focus on the main lessons of the I Ching. This is where we drum the teachings and methods into your mind and soul so you can move forward with clear guidance, knowledge, and clarity on how to use the I Ching to benefit your life. You’ll also receive an energy clearing to activate your DNA.

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Copyright © 2020 - The Awakening Within

Copyright © 2020 - The Awakening Within