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Remote Viewing
for Profit 101

5 Classes
"Increase your profits 10 fold with this PROVEN method"


Do you desire to...

✔️ Experience a financial miracle to bring in the abundance you deserve

✔️ Be able to READ the future and use this skill to make more profit in your investments, career, opportunities and anything else you desire

✔️ Know how to read the energy of people, places and events so you have more higher frequency influences who make your life more prosperous, fulfilling, and abundant, as well as what places and events will drain your energy or make it harder for you to get ahead

✔️ Set a financial or personal goal and then be able to retrieve information from your subconscious back to your conscious mind for making decisions and achieving your goal

✔️ Regain control of your financial life through excellent systems, improved mindset and intuition, and ability to read any given situation which could make profit

Here's what you'll learn in this course: 
Step 1
Introduction to Remote Viewing

To begin, you’ll be introduced to remote viewing, what it is, its background, quantum physics, and the newest findings. You’ll learn both the spiritual and scientific foundation of this proven money making technique and what makes it work so effectively. We also explore studies on how it has been used to make profit in financial markets such as trading, sports betting, investing, etc.

Step 2
Further Teaching and LIVE Practice

Once you understand the principles of remote viewing, you’ll then be given a further look at the protocols which make this work, as well as practice and use them in REAL TIME on financial markets, sports games, crypto, etc. You’ll learn how to use them in business and investment decisions. To finish this step, you’ll receive an energy healing to remove the blocks stopping you from remote viewing for profit.

Step 3
Review and Practical Application

To final step you’ll learn is how to integrate everything you’ve learned and implement it into your daily life. You’ll be given a structure which will help take your new learnings from the course and live it in your daily life.

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Copyright © 2020 - The Awakening Within

Copyright © 2020 - The Awakening Within