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Remote Viewing
for Profit Extended Training

22 Classes
"Learn more with the extended version of remote viewing"


Do you desire to...

✔️ Experience a financial miracle to bring in the abundance you deserve

✔️ Be able to READ the future and use this skill to make more profit in your investments, career, opportunities and anything else you desire

✔️ Know how to read the energy of people, places and events so you have more higher frequency influences who make your life more prosperous, fulfilling, and abundant, as well as what places and events will drain your energy or make it harder for you to get ahead

✔️ Set a financial or personal goal and then be able to retrieve information from your subconscious back to your conscious mind for making decisions and achieving your goal

✔️ Regain control of your financial life through excellent systems, improved mindset and intuition, and ability to read any given situation which could make profit

Here's what you'll learn in this course:
Classes  1 & 2: What is Remote Viewing
In this class, you’ll learn the basics of remote viewing. That is, what remote viewing is and how it would greatly benefit you to learn it. In addition, we’ll provide you with both a spiritual and scientific explanation to remote viewing so you can see how it works.
Classes 3 & 4: Critical Keys in Remote Viewing

Once you’ve learned what remote viewing is, the next step is to understand the keys of it. In class 3 and 4, we’ll reveal the key components of RV (such as brain states, AOLs, RV methods and forms, etc.) and what it takes to master it.

Classes  5 - 7: How to do a Successful Remote View

The first 4 classes consist of information to help you understand the basics of remote viewing. These classes will prepare you more in depth about what it takes to do a successful remote view. However, you’ll also be putting your knowledge into action. That is, by actually doing your first 2 remote viewing sessions.

Class 8: Remote Sensing and Introduction to Brain State

This class focuses on what remote sensing is, how it benefits you and how to strengthen it to increase your results. Next is an introduction on the brain states you need to enter to have a successful remote view. Finally, you receive practical RV tips to improve your accuracy.

Class 9: Brain State and Manifestation

To begin, you learn more in depth about the different types of brain states you can enter, and how each of them work. You then learn about the importance of manifestation, the law of consciousness (ie. conscious vs subconscious), as well as multiple methods to make your manifestation goals a reality. 

Class 10: Quick Revision

This is a more relaxed class where we revise tips and tricks to improve your results through remote sensing. We then go through the RV template where you get to perform your own view.

Class 11: Introduction to the “Talent Code”

This class introduces to the secret to unlock the skill of just about anything, also known as the “Talent Code”. You then learn about everything involved in deep practice of remote viewing, and the importance of repetition and discipline.

Class 12: Breath and Cooldown 

Breathing and a proper cooldown are two of the biggest keys to a successful remote view. This class focuses on how to breathe properly, as well as undergo a deep cooldown to get yourself in the right energy and mindset to perform an accurate view.

Classes  13 - 15: Remote Viewing For Trading and Investing

Now, we take a more practical look at how you can use remote viewing to specifically predict the trends and prices of markets, stocks, gold, silver, sports betting, etc. You learn how to do this, and get to put it into real life and practice it yourself.

Classes 16 & 17: Removing Blockages

To begin this session, you go through an energy healing to remove all blockages which limit you from growth, results, and profit. To finish, we review and track the results of how everyone went from last week’s gold RV session.

Class 18: The Importance of Detachment

This class mainly focuses on the importance of detachment, and how you can increase your results/profit by simply being unattached to the outcome. To end, we once again review the gold prices and how they’re trending from our previous session.

Class 19: Getting Into a Deep Brain State

In this class, you’ll be given an exercise to get you into a deeper brain state. This will help bring you greater accuracy which in turn brings larger profit. 

Class 20 + 21: RV Protocol

These classes will further inform you on the process of a remote viewing session. You’ll be introduced to new techniques/protocols to conduct a successful RV. Additionally, you’ll receive a clearing at the end of each class.

Class 22: Revision and Practical Steps to Take

In this final class, we’ll firstly revise everything you’ve been learned over the past 21 teachings. Finally, we’ll have a look at where to go moving forward and the practical steps on becoming a successful remote viewer. 

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Copyright © 2020 - The Awakening Within