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Spirit Guides Course

11 Classes
"On Gaining Abundance in All Areas of Life"


Do you desire to...

✔️ Increase your finances to do the things you truly enjoy in life

✔️ Discover your mission for this planet and fulfill your soul contract to never again reincarnate back into this earth

✔️ Improve your health, mind and body

✔️ Attract the most desirable and high frequency relationships into your life

✔️ Awaken your third eye and Divine connection to communicate with your soul family

✔️ Finally gain happiness, fulfillment and passion for living

✔️ And most importantly, have clear guidance and structure to ensure you achieve these goals

Here's what you'll learn in this course: 
Class 1
Introduction and Overview

Before you learn to connect with your spirit guides, it's important to first understand exactly what they are, who they are, and how they operate. You will be given an introduction to how spirit guides can help you, as well as a process you need to follow in order to properly channel them for guidance.

Class 2
How to Discern Between True and False Spirit Guides

One common mistake people make when they receive guidance from higher beings, is they just assume any spirit they encounter is of the light. When you connect with a false spirit guide, they can influence your subconscious and thought process, which brings massive danger and sabotage into your life! You will learn how to stop ALL false spirit guides from entering your field, and how to connect with your true light spirit guides.

Class 3
How to Close Loopholes of False Spirit Guides

Every action you've taken in your life which wasn't aligned with the light gives false spirit guides the authority to influence your life. You will learn what actions allow these false spirits to enter your energy field, how to close them and ensure they NEVER come back again.

Class 4
How to Get Into A Deep Brain State

In order to connect with your spirit guides, the most important aspect to master is your brain state. You cannot tap into the higher realms being in an active brain state. You will learn a structured process to slow your brain down and get rid of distracting thoughts so you can tune into your spirit guides and reach the deepest layers of your subconscious.

Class 5
Discovering Your Life Purpose With Spirit Guides

Many people in the modern era struggle to find meaning and purpose in their life. Some even spend their entire lives searching for the meaning of their life. With the help of your spirit guides, you'll learn how to discover your mission for this planet, as well as how to pursue it with no fear.

Class 6

When you're connecting to your spirit guides, one of the most important things is to make sure you've got a clean third eye and crown chakra. Having a clean energy field strengthens your connection with the Divine, which in turn makes it easier to receive guidance to transform your life. You will undergo a deep third eye and crown chakra cleansing, which you can come back to at any time you desire.

Class 7
How to Heal Yourself and Others With Spirit Guides

No matter what your purpose is in life, healing is one of the greatest skills you can master. Whenever you or someone else feels drained, anxious, confused, etc. this creates blockages and stops you from living your purpose. You will learn how to energetically heal yourself and others with the help of your spirit guides.

Class 8
How to Increase Your Finances With Spirit Guides

Having finances in order massively helps you focus on your purpose and it gives you the opportunity to do the things you truly love in life. Imagine that holiday you've always desired? Or the fancy house. Maybe you just desire to give a lot more money to help those in need. Whatever you desire, spirit guides can help bring massive financial abundance into your life when you listen to their wisdom. You will learn which spirit guides to counsel to help you in this area.

Class 9
How to Attract Love & High Frequency Relationships With Spirit Guides

Who you hang out with is who you become. No matter how high your vibration is, you must surround yourself with others with high frequency. Whether you're looking to improve your current relationship(s), manifest your soulmate, attract high quality friends, etc. spirit guides can help. You will learn how to receive guidance from your spirit guides to raise the frequency of those around you, as well as attract new aligned people into your life if you desire.

Class 10
Applying This Knowledge Into Your Life

First comes learning, second comes action. You can receive the greatest talents, skills and guidance, but without action, it really means nothing. You will learn how to apply everything you've learned in the previous 10 classes into your daily life, so you can see real results rather than fantasies.

Class 11

After undergoing a powerful knowledge transformation, we will summarise everything covered in the past 10 classes so it's all fresh in your mind. The beauty is, the journey of learning never stops. You will be given an opportunity on the next necessary step to take your journey to the next level if you desire.

About this course

"How to Connect With Your Spirit Guides" is an 11 class course with each video going for 11 minutes. We specifically did this as 11:11 are very significant numbers of ascension and new beginnings. This course helps you tune into your inner wisdom and intuition, so you can find peace and clarity within, which then manifests into the physical in all areas of your life (emotional, mental, physical, financial, relational, spiritual, social). Your spirit guides are always desiring to guide you to the best and most fulfilling life. It's just a matter of learning to trust and surrender to their guidance. This course reveals the secrets to live a fulfilling and abundant life, lead by your inner wisdom and guides, in a structured, orderly and guided manner.

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Copyright © 2020 - The Awakening Within