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Tax and Regulatory Consciousness

13 Classes
"Begin your journey to financial freedom"


Do you desire to...

✔️ Drastically slash your taxes and ensure your wealth is protected from governments and authorities

✔️ Start making a high income and keeping your money far away from the government

✔️ Clear energetic blockages which are allowing governments, authorities and officials to come after you and your finances

✔️ Learn the laws of manifestation so you can become the captain of your own ship – i.e. manifest and dictate your reality

✔️ Move from someone who is part of the government system to someone who is greater than the system and is sovereign

Here's what you'll learn in this course:
Step 1: Introduction to the Basics of Energy and Karma

To begin, you’ll be taught everything is energy and how you can shift it to attract finances, better scenarios, and ultimately shape the course of your life. You’ll be introduced to universal laws which, if you’re not aware of them, will cause you all sorts of disasters such as tax audits, investment losses, health difficulties, etc.

Step 2: Introduction to the Laws of Manifestation

The next thing you’ll be taught is the basic laws of manifestation – especially around tax, regulatory and investment so you understand why you create bad tax, finance and government experiences. In addition, we’ll teach you how you can take control over your reality by shifting your thoughts and consciousness.

Step 3: Regulators and Governments

Once you’ve gained an understanding on energy, karma and manifestation … the next step is to learn about the energetic model of governments and the sovereign man. You’ll learn the difference between someone who is part of the system vs someone greater than the system. This is an important lesson if you desire to evolve beyond the norm.

Step 4: Energetic Tax Minimisation

The next step is to learn how to move beyond the realm of taxes and into the realm of higher contribution, as said in scriptures. You’ll be taught that the sovereign man is exempt from taxes. Furthermore, we’ll show you how to exercise your common law responsibilities and sovereignty so you can be exempt from taxes.

Step 5: Energetic Asset Protection

Continuing on from the energetic model of tax minimisation, we’ll move into energetically protecting your assets. Not only is it important to structure yourself physically against government audits … but it’s also crucial you energetically prepare yourself. You’ll be taught every action against you is actually the universe bringing you back into alignment. 

Step 6: Clearing Imprints and Blockages

Next, you’ll receive a clearing for imprints, blockages and negative beliefs causing you to constantly attract tax audits, investment losses, business failure, health difficulties, etc. This is essential as it goes into the deepest layers of your subconscious. This has tremendously helped myself and my clients.

Step 7: Review and Practical Application

The final step is how you can practically apply what you’ve learned. Without action, you won’t be able to change anything in your life … therefore you’ll learn practical steps to take to protect yourself from governments, authorities, devils, etc. Finally, we’ll reveal what true financial independence is and how you can achieve it.

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Copyright © 2020 - The Awakening Within

Copyright © 2020 - The Awakening Within