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Ultimate Life Purpose and Sovereignty

12 Classes
"Regain your sense of happiness, prosperity and purpose!"


Do you desire to...

✔️ Discover what your life purpose is for this planet, fully connect with it and fulfill it.

✔️ Get rid of confusion, uncertainty, fear, self-sabotage and all other blockages stopping you from living on your true path

✔️ Use faith, intention, sacred knowledge, codes and wisdom to not only clear blockages but ALSO manifest what you TRULY desire in life

✔️ Get rid of any sadness, depression, anxiety, etc. and live by how YOU want, rather than how society expects you to live

✔️ Practically master your finances and understand your investment personality type, and how to organize yourself and clean up your practical matters for wealth

Here's what you'll learn in this course:
Step 1: Introduction to Life Purpose

To start the course off, you’ll learn about how money and energy follows passion, why it’s important to know and live your life purpose and the consequences of not doing so.

Step 2: How to Discover Your Life Purpose

Once you understand the reason and importance of living your life purpose, you’ll then begin a specific structured process of identifying your life purpose and who you TRULY are. You’ll learn how to manifest and master your mind to create the income and live the life you desire. You’ll follow clear systems which will “hack” your unconscious mind, so you can get to the heart of who you are, integrate your past life experiences and upbringing and see how it all fits into who you are and where you’re going. 

Step 3: Full Negative Energy and Entity Clearing

The next step is to get rid of all blockages standing in your way of living your life purpose. You’ll undergo a major auric and etheric cleanse which will clear out ALL blockages around your parents, finances, slavery, working for a living, and all other blockages stopping you from stepping on your purpose. You’ll also release your karma, curses, hexes and spells which also limit you. 

Step 4: Practical Financial Training

Once all the blockages are cleared which are limiting you from stepping into your life purpose, you’ll learn undergo an advanced training on how to invest, grow a business, the SECRET to creating income, taking action and being a consultant or successful business owner. You’ll learn PRACTICAL ways to make more money and grow wealth in a way aligned with who you are. 

Step 5: Create a Plan Moving Forward

The final step is to bring it all together and create a CLEAR PLAN to move forward and live your purpose and manifest your desired income. You’ll learn how to create a shield to preserve your wealth for future.

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Copyright © 2020 - The Awakening Within