Numerology Session
Through the power of numbers, discover who you truly are, what your purpose is for this planet and finally live the life you've always been destined for.
What You'll Discover In This Reading...
Discovery 1
Life Path Number
Awareness is the first key to unlock your true potential. By understanding your life path number, you will know what your mission is, the deepest strengths, skills and talents you naturally possess (even if you haven't harnessed them yet), as well as the challenges you must overcome to fulfil your purpose.
Discovery 2
Day Force Number
Knowing, accepting and embracing yourself is crucial in order to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. While the life path number reveals the internal pursuit of your life, your day force number reveals how you express yourself to the outer world, and your natural responses and tendencies to everyday life.
Discovery 3
Characteristic Grid
The numerology characteristic grid gives a very detailed look into your natural strengths and weaknesses. By understanding this, you will get a better indication of what obstacles you must confront and overcome. You will gain greater insight on the prevailing vibrations of your inner self.
Discovery 4
Outer Personality Number
To get best results in your life, you must understand how other people see you. This will improve your sales, communication, relationships, etc. The outer personality number reveals how you exhibit yourself in the eyes of others. It reveals how you emit yourself to others, not necessarily who you are deep down.
Discovery 5
Expression Number
Knowing who you are to the core is vital for self-mastery and success. You will discover your innate gifts, talents and abilities, as well as the imperfections and weaknesses you must confront and conquer. This will help you understand what you're best at, and what path/career will be the most successful and fulfilling for you.
Discovery 6
Soul Urge Number
Ever feel an emptiness in your soul? This may be because you haven't pursued your mission. The soul urge number reveals your deepest desire. It's the inner you. No one else can see or understand this. Only you can see this, and maybe the people closest to you. You will understand what your deepest heart's desire is, and by combining all your numbers, you'll know how to pursue these desires.
Discovery 7
Influencing Vibrations
The house you live in, as well as each day, month and year all have a different numerological energy influencing you. When you learn to live each day, month and year to it's fullest potential by embracing that specific vibration, success and happiness comes a whole lot easier (whether that's financially, emotionally, mentally, etc).

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Copyright © 2019 - The Awakening Within