Platinum Membership

Platinum Membership includes everything in the Free and Standard Memberships
PLUS high level training such as:

Mystery School expounding the teachings of Enoch, Babaji and Christ, and other secret knowledge on a weekly basis to help you in your ascension and DNA activation journey

Healing Certification become a certified healer with us in Auric Clearing, J Seals or Karmic Clearing, or even become a facilitator of our Awakening Your Innate Manifestation Ability

Global Wealth Club: Learn advanced principles of wealth creation and becoming rich to help the planet in a time of change

Advanced Remote Viewing: Taking the US government technology to the next level to get high level results in business, trading, finances and even changing world events to make a difference on this planet!

This is high level training for the exclusive few!

Price on Application

The only way to join is to complete a SERIOUS EXPRESSION OF INTEREST form. Please fill the form below and we will reply soon with more details.