Dark Masters

Here's what's covered in the course:

These 5 classes will help you release the dark masters which you are not aware of!

class 1

Introduction to Dark Masters, how they came about, their background and history, the different breeds of dark masters such as the Nephilim, Jezebel, etc. and how they work to attack finances

class 2

A specific look at dark masters who govern the financial realm, exploring karmic loopholes and how work within realms of authorities, principalities and order.

class 3

Introduction to the implants, blocks and devices they use, curses, hexes and spells, discarnates and why it’s critically important to understand them, how to clear them, and a clearing around these areas

class 4

Deeper look at implants, devices used, specific ways they limit finances, how they block your etheric and ketheric bodies, create dark energetic patterning to keep you trapped in a cycle of lack and ill health, and a full clearing of the etheric and ketheric bodies, and energetic patterning

class 5

Clearing of J Seals, Metatronic Implants, and other seals, implants and devices used by the dark to control you



Final integration session to answer questions, and help clear anyone who still has blocks or energetic patternings, and explore options to move forward

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