Karmic Clearing Course

How to Clear Your Karma Before It's Too Late

The 8 Class Training

On How To Prepare Yourself For Upcoming Disasters 

Do you desire to...

✔️ Sort out your karma before it's too late

✔️ Prepare yourself for the prophesied dark times ahead

✔️ While the world is going downhill, learn how you can instead use it as a time of opportunity to exponentially grow every area of your life

✔️ Start manifesting and attracting the things you truly desire in life. i.e. Finances, health, relationships, healing, etc.

✔️ Balance and clear out all the negative energies and frequencies that are currently influencing your life

Start Date:
Tuesday, 1st December
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Course Host:
William Black
What's Involved In The Course...
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Class 1

Introduction to Karmic Law

"What you reap is what you sow." One of the most important principles of spirituality is the law of karma. When you learn the basics of how the laws of karma apply in the Universe and affect your life, then this will open the doorway to start attracting the things you truly desire.

Class 2-3

Science Behind Karmic Clearing

Here, we look into the science behind karmic clearing and how the Akashic records work to track your past lives. You learn more about how karma and ancestral blocks affect you, and how to deal with them. Finally, you'll prepare for the karmic clearing by learning the esoteric foundation of enhanced karmic release.

Class 4-6

Karma Clearing Around Money, Health and Relationships

Now to the BEST part. You'll undergo an intense karmic release using the Karmic Checklist on money, health and relationship issues. We focus on clearing karma which attracts financial and business problems, scam investments, lawsuits, government actions, high taxes, lockdowns, toxic relationships, health issues, and other issues affecting you living your purpose!

Class 7-8

Removal of The 12 Karmic Archetypes

To finish the course off, you'll undergo a major karmic patterning, learn about the 12 karmic archetypes each of us carry over from lifetimes (i.e. the rescuer, the emotional cannibal, etc.) and receive a clearing of ALL of them which affects you from being your authentic self!

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Copyright © 2019 - The Awakening Within