Tantra for Newbies

7 Classes

"The ancient art of mastering sexual energy, which can transform your finances, health, open your heart, creative flow and much more!"

Here's what's covered in the course:

These 7 classes will help you in your finances, health and many more!

Class 1: Introduction to Tantra

✔️ The foundations
✔️ Ancient history
✔️Origins of what tantra is all about

Class 2: How to Transmute Sexual Energy

✔️ Understanding the difference between monogamy, celibacy and polyamory

Class 3: The Polarity of the Yin Yang

✔️ How to move different energies to create balance

Class 4: "Samadhi" or Ancient State of Bliss

✔️ How to work the different channels
✔️ Move sexual energy and orgasms into your brain to experience "Samadhi"

Class 5: Heart Opening

✔️ How to open your heart through tantra

Class 6: Practical Training

✔️ Introduction to tantric meditations and activations
✔️ Ways to do further study
✔️ Tips on how you can practice and master tantra at home

Class 7: Integration and Reflection

✔️ A look back on everything you learned and how you can apply it into your daily life

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