Ultimate Cleanse Program

The 7 Class Program with a Bonus Class Integration

To Cleanse Your Entire Energy Field

Here's What You Will Learn...

All the best and deepest healing put into one course for you!

Week 1

Auric Clearing

Full Auric Clearing plus the foundation of how Auric Clearing Works.

Week 2

Karma Clearing

Full Karmic Clearing plus foundations of karma and how to stop attracting bad karma causing financial losses, energetic blockages, and more.

Week 3

J-Seals Clearing

FULL J-Seals Clearing plus foundations of how it works, how they came about historically.

Week 4

Golden Web Tear

Golden Web Tear and further healings in your deepest subconscious layers, plus what attracts these blockages to you (so you can put an end to it)

Week 5

Archetype Clearing

FULL 12 Archetype Clearing - plus learning how each one works and how to address them in your life (to learn more, click here)

Week 6

Dark Masters

What “Dark Masters” are, how they operate and a DEEP clearing/release to completely remove them from your energy field

Week 7

Curses, Hexes, Spells..

Curses, Hexes, Spells, and other attachments, how you attract them, how to deal with them

Week 8

Final Clearings

Final integration, reflection and revision, final clearings 

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Copyright © 2019 - The Awakening Within

Copyright © 2019 - The Awakening Within