Jesus the Bad Ass
The Absolute Truth
Did you know that Jesus was a total RADICAL bad ass?
That he did things which Braveheart, Liam Neeson and Rambo, etc. would all be proud of?

He wasn’t a love and light guy with a wimpy smile.
He was a hard-hitting radical extremist revolutionary in his times.
To give you an idea, he …

  • Taught how we are always abundantly provided for with our financial needs and how scarcity is a myth

  • Beat up bankers with a whip who were extorting the people

  • Turned water into wine for a wedding feast and booze up

  • Publicly humiliated the religious leaders of his day by kicking their asses in public debates and called them hypocrites

  • Hung out with prostitutes, strippers, Roman tax collectors (hated by his people), the local pubs, the lepers and rejects of his society and openly challenged and shamed the rich who had big egos

  • Healed people on the Sabbath day which was against the law and regularly broke stupid laws publicly to make a point

  • Publicly stood up in church, interrupted the meetings, and humiliated the pastors and leaders by asserting and proving their teachings were powerless

  • Taught to be persistent, confident and determined in prayer, knowing God would give whatever you asked for when aligned with the Christ consciousness

  • Studied in secret in world class mystery schools between ages 12 and 30

  • Fasted for 40 days solid with no food or water

  • Walked on water and walked through walls

  • Did supernatural miracles to heal the sick, grow back limbs and cure leprosy instantly

  • Turned invisible to escape a crowd who were trying to kill him

  • Shunned fame by running away to hide when people tried to make him king

  • Told the supreme leader in the empire at his trial for crucifixion that he had no power over him other than what God had given him, causing this leader to be scared and do everything in his power to release him

  • Called his students imbecilic idiots many times when they were slow to catch on to what he was saying

  • Told Peter (one of his best friends) to “get lost Satan” when Peter got all emotional with him and tried to talk Jesus out of his inner truth

  • Said to inherit the higher realms, one had to give up everything and lived this example in his personal life

  • When his mother and brothers turned up at a public event to pull him into line for his extreme teachings which were upsetting the authorities, he effectively disowned the, by telling the audience his real family were “those who did God's will” and not those who imposes their cultural values on him

  • Lived by faith knowing he was always provided for by his heavenly Father
And my absolute favourite: He taught the secret to be tax-free!


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