One Of A Kind
Soul Groups
Activation Program

Do you desire...

✔️ Find your path and purpose for this planet

✔️ Clear blockages around finances so you can make this time the best of your life full of opportunity and new beginnings

✔️ Stop self sabotage around finances

✔️ Clear energetic blockages around health and relationships, keeping you sick or unhappy

What Is A Soul Group Reading?
It’s when you gain a solid understanding on each of the 7 soul groups as well as working with one of our experts to discover which one your soul belongs to. This in turn connects you to your purpose, who you are and being able to work out which soul group your friends, family or other people belong to for a happier, healthier, and purposeful life!

You’ll quickly notice the difference in your life by understanding the soul group you belong to especially with the people around you and the path you’re living!
What Are The J-Seals?
J-Seals are energetic implants placed on you by dark masters at birth designed to limit and ultimately stop your growth and evolution for ascension.

They have been around for 200,000 years and cause no end of problems such as pain in the body, blocked from accessing Source, confusion regarding your purpose, bad health, toxic relationships, financial struggles/challenges and much more!
Here Is What You Will Learn...

Class 1
The History And Purpose Of Each Soul Group

Learning the history behind each soul group, their purpose and clearing for each one to start establishing your connection with your soul family.

Class 2
Linking Soul Gifts And Groups Together To Take Your Life And Purpose To The Next Level

What links the Divine Soul Gifts and Groups together, how you can harness the gifts to unlock your hidden talents and abilities, plus a special high-level activation to greatly enhance your gifts and energy of your soul group.

Class 3
Deeper Activations And Knowledge Around Soul Groups/Gifts For Further Transformation!

We dive into enriching detail on the knowledge of soul groups/gifts and do deeper activations for massive transformations on your purpose and life!

Class 4
Blending The Previous 3 Trainings Together For A Bonus Integration

Final integration session where we combine all 3 trainings together and incorporate new advanced and quantum methods to Fastrack the results you want in health, wealth and life.

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You have two options...
Option 1
Soul Group Reading
✔️ Discover the soul group you belong to for a release around blockages, imprints and other sabotages around your purpose and who you are to accelerate your spiritual growth and live

✔️ This will be done in 2 transformative sessions

✔️ You’ll also receive unlimited lifetime access to the trainings of each session
Option 2
J-Seals And Master Cleansing
+ Soul Group Reading

✔️ As well as the soul group reading program, be part of an advanced one of a kind 3-class “Soul Groups Activation Program”

✔️ Over a month, I myself will teach you more advanced information on each of the 7 soul groups as well as what are called “Divine Soul Gifts” which work directly with the soul groups! You’ll gain a deeper understanding on what they both are, how they work and how to activate your soul group and gift to live the life you desire

✔️ You’ll also receive unlimited lifetime access to the training of each session
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Pricing Options
Soul Group Reading
$297 USD
J-Seals And Master Cleansing
+ Soul Group Reading

$497 USD
3 Weekly Instalments
$197 USD/week
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