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Practical ways to keep yourself emotionally & spiritually centred in the face of today's jabs, job losses, mandates, digital passports & more
Live online end of year half-day “giving back” event brought to you by
The Awakening Within.
19 December 2021
8.30am - 12.30pm AWST
Online via Zoom
“Finish the year in a state of balance with the tools to help you over the break.”
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Our world is in a state of fear.

Fear of the jab and it’s side effects. Fear of losing your job. Fear of the freedom-taking mandates. Fear for your child’s future.

Governments are coming after money. The digital passport… Protests and marches… separation and segregation...

Is it any wonder people are turning to the physical, looking for someone or something to blame for their circumstances and are neglecting the truth?

Rather than going within, taking self-responsibility or being proactive to find a solution…
People are allowing a deep underlying F-E-A-R to drive them.

It’s all over social media. It’s in many conversations. It’s hard to NOT feel the fear. 

However, when you take a balanced look at reality, you know the problem extends much deeper than what you see on the surface.

Everything around us is being created by the lack of consciousness of people, NOT by governments, corporations, or employers.

The reality is, as we’ve been teaching all year…

Getting angry at politicians, swearing at the media, or typing abusive comments on Facebook is NOT going to solve our problem, or reduce the F-E-A-R.

It’s going to take an uprising of the people who refuse to give into the coercion, start taking back their personal power, break all reliance on the system and become self-sufficient in all areas of life.

We’re in a time when mastering your energy, calming your mind amidst the storm, and acting in the state of balance - NOT in fear or anger - is more important than ever.

Especially when you consider the final month of the year is meant to be a time of celebration, joy and giving… NOT of loss, suffering or fear.

So, in light of all this…

To show our appreciation and in the spirit of celebration, we want to give back to you with no expectations to ensure you end 2021 with light-heartedness, optimism and new tools that give hope despite the fear in the world.  

We are proud to present our FREE half-day event with our partner company, The Awakening Within, to help you navigate your way through the fear and uncertainty by going within, mastering your energy and using powerful spiritual tools we personally use every day.

The sovereign people among us know “there is always a way”.

If you’re hungry for alternative solutions what we present at this event will help you find your way forward without the fear energy controlling your thoughts and actions.

This is your chance to change or add to your skillset.

When you develop the tools to remain in your centre… your calmness, wisdom, and heart-centred direction affects those closest to you.

Others will see the change. They’ll want to know more. They’ll be drawn to your clarity and confidence. Your sense of purpose will be their guiding light to make a difference.

Everything has its time and season.

We know everything happening around us will eventually end.

As a spiritual being, you understand the sun always comes up after a dark night.

Our aim for you with this event is to awaken a new dawn that changes things in your world… despite the craziness going on around us.

You’re invited to…
Spiritual Tools To Combat The Fear
Our FREE and LIVE online half-day “giving back” event where we say thank you for your support this year…


Give you new ways to cope with everything going on in the world right now, including dealing with family over Christmas.

Your attendance is FREE.

This event is right for you if you…

✔️ Want support right now to combat the energies swirling around us

✔️Need new ways to navigate the next 3-4 weeks so you remain centred

✔️Feel a spiritual call but are not sure of your first steps

✔️Are on your path and want new ideas and tools to stay there

✔️ Want to bring order, balance and symmetry to your everyday life
You will need to book because demand will be strong.

For example, here’s what Sheldon who lives in Canada said when he heard about this event…

“Thank you, Grace! You, Warren, Steve and William continue to deliver the message
week after week, and it’s much appreciated.”

Book your free seat now.

Two final things…

#1 As you may know, Warren’s partner, Sammi, passed away in November.

Warren has done his grieving and to honour her legacy, the only thing we will ask from you, if you feel led, is to make a small donation to Sammi’s favourite charity.

At the end of the event, we’ll provide a link for you to give in proportion to how much the event has helped you.

There’s no compulsion to do so but we ask you to remain to the end to help us honour Sammi’s life with a donation.

#2 Help a friend today.

If you have any friends who are terrified and need clarity on how to navigate through the fear, make sure to invite them.

Here’s What You’ll Learn at this Live Half Day Online Workshop
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Warren will present...
“Manifestation Secrets: How to Shift Energy in the Quantum to Rediscover Your Centre Fast”

Key learnings include:

✔️ Rarely taught secret to manifesting what you want despite whatever  external circumstances affect your world

✔️ The conditions required for manifestation… it’s not just “name it and claim” it as so many preach

✔️ How scientitifc and esoteric principles correlate when it comes to manifestation – this will surprise you and open up a world of possibilities

✔️ The practical 7 step protocol to bring any manifestation target into being

✔️ And more
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Steve will present...
“Emotional Freedom via Shadow Work”

Key learnings include:

✔️ What is the ‘Shadow Self’ and why does it rule our lives?

✔️ Tools to identify the parts of your Shadow that drag you back into emotional chaos and stop your forward momentum

✔️ “That” relative who always triggers you and how to get off the emotional rollercoaster this Christmas

✔️ And more
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Grace will present...
“New Year, New Beginnings”

Key learnings include:

✔️ Letting go of the old and how this relates to the events of 2021

✔️ The secret to being comfortable with change and how to be like water

✔️ Embracing the new so you flow into 2022 with grace and ease

And more including energy shifting live
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William will present...
“DNA Activation and Ascension”

Key learnings include:

✔️ Why you must activate all 12 DNA strands and how it corresponds to where planet Earth is heading

✔️ What DNA really is, why we have 97% “junk” DNA or dormant DNA, what fire letters are, and why they’re important

✔️ How humans “fell” and became corrupted as a collective from who we truly were

✔️ How negative life experiences such as financial woes, personal issues, health problems etc. can hinder you from activating your DNA

✔️ How to clear any blockages or imprints stopping you from activating your DNA to reactivate it and discover your true purpose, who you are and manifest abundant wealth, health, and other areas of life!

This session includes a *LIVE* DNA Activation – not to be missed!
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