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Connor Marshall

Connor Marshall

Member 2 Years

“I have known Warren for a few years now. It was his mindset and lifestyle that had me first approach him about mentorship.

At first I was hesitant to be exposed to manifestations and energetic clearings. However, things began to change for me. I went from earning under $50k per annum, working for someone else to working for myself, doubling my income and clearing all my debts within 12 months. Not to mention the extra money I saved, through techniques and advice I learned from the City Awakening mentorship program. I was able to invest wisely to further grow my income.

Still to this day, my business continues to grow through the help of manifestations and energetic clearings. If you take your first step into this program the only time you’ll ever look back, is to see how far you’ve come. I could not recommend Warren from city awakening enough.”

Adam Yarrington

Adam Yarrington

Member 3 months

“ I was introduced to Warren’s work by a friend that knew about some tax issues I was struggling with and he recommended that this mentorship program could help me. As I got to know Warren better by listening to his webinars, I was captivated by his topic on spiritual manifestation and clearing of negative blockages that may be hindering me from achieving my financial and spiritual goals.

I instantly gravitated to this aspect of his work and after listening to an introductory webinar, I subscribed to his online course, through doing this course I found Warren to be a genuine purveyor and practitioner of the school of spiritual arts. I found his information very valuable for my own growth. I discovered a great deal about myself as I got to understand Warren's teachings. He relayed the messages in his teachings with such kindness and humour.

I highly recommend him as a great teacher. I look forward to watching him grow as a successful teacher and healer in the coming years. Thanks Warren!”


Charlotte Bartlett

Member 9 months

“I started with Warren 9 months ago. At first, I wasn’t quite sure how this worked, as using energy to bring prosperity to my business, clear past blockages and accomplish my life purpose, was all new to me. However, the transformation has been extraordinary.

Since learning how to use the triveca code for manifestation, clearing blockages in my life and business through understanding spiritual laws and brain states, I’ve seen exponential growth in my business and cashflow, in fact, as much as $10-15,000 per week and making a $250,000 tax debt disappear completely by a clever restructure. I have also connected more with my life purpose, and I have bought a gym, my real passion.

I cannot thank Warren enough for the transformation and difference in our lives..”

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Christine Evans

Member 3 months

“I met Warren Black in May 2018 shortly after he had his encounter with The One. He related his experience at a small group webinar which I was attending. As he was explaining what had happened and how the Council of Nine had instructed him on his role to clean up the planet, I instantly knew that what he had to say was true. My whole body felt as though it was covered in white light. I knew at that moment that I had to do something to help. I was asking energetically “What can I do?"

I started to work with Warren, joined his Facebook page “The Awakening Within” and have done a number of courses he conducts. I have been really drawn to what Warren is teaching and have invested in learning as much as I can. The webinars he conducts are amazing - very informative with many healings included.

It has become clear that there is a much bigger purpose behind all these teachings and Warren’s mission is to help save this planet from destruction. I know now, that I am a part of this and I am learning what it is I have to do.

At a private session, Warren and William (Warren’s son) cleared a lot of heavy dark energy from me. I will be forever grateful. Also, in that session through Warren, Beings from the Heavenly realm came and I was given instruction on what it was expected of me.

Does it sound incredible? Well, it is and I feel humbled, empowered and privileged to be part of this incredible battle to win back this planet. I thank Warren and those from the Heavenly Realm, who have chosen me to work with them.”

Martyn Miller


Member 18 months

“I was involved in a grisly motor vehicle accident at 13 years of age. I was seated in the middle seat at the front, next to the driver's seat (old bench seat). The impact of this crash severely affected my neck, hips, knees and lower back. I was hospitalized for about two months and also had a plastered leg. I thereafter underwent acupuncture treatment for a year. This healed my knees but left me with excruciating pain in my lower back and hips. I sort for relief by taking more medication, applied healing creams and tried numerous allied health treatments. In the last few years, I stayed fit and exercised to help create a strong back.

In November 2016, I was involved in another car accident, which resulted in an increase of the pain in my lower back and some soft tissue injuries. It is then, that I started exploring alternative options of healing to avoid prescribed medication. I came across and enrolled to Warren's course. I consistently listened to replays and practiced clearings, either daily or on every 2nd day of the week.

During my week 5 into the course, in one of the sessions, Warren said he could see some lower back issues around me. I had never mentioned my situation to him or anyone else in the course. Warren proceeded to carry out a clearing around my lower back and from that point on, I have never experienced any pain in my lower back, no matter how I sit or stand. After 36 years of pain and aches, I'd say this is an absolute miracle. I am incredibly grateful to Warren. I know we are drawn to the right thing at the right time.

Whether you'd like to receive healing or manifest miracles in your life. You need to simply learn to grow, expand your consciousness and live your life in a more positive and open way.Together with these teachings from Warren, you will have an amazing experience.”

Joshua Smith


Member 3 months

“I have been performing various clearings upon myself for some time now with good results. William was recommended to me as a talented young man with an amazing ability to perform Auric Clearings. I confirm his Auric Clearings are amazing and definitely worth the time and effort.
He is an incredible young man with a very unique gift”

A Stirn

Member 1 Year

“Warren, I just wanted to share my success with you. I wrote down my goal like you advised, which was to earn $1000+ everyday in CFD trading. I wanted to have a goal that I could measure immediately and accurately.

I wrote down $1000+ an day in the circle of the triveca code and hung it by my computer. Then I also used the pendulum technique.

I put some money in my trading account which, I haven’t used in months. I will now be up by $2600 in 2 days.

If the Dow Jones Industrial Average drops to 25000, which is my target, I will make a lot more.”


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