Ultimate Cleanse Program

The 7 Class Program
With A Bonus Class Integration
To Cleanse Your Entire Energy Field

Here's What You Will Learn...

All the best and deepest healing put into one course for you!

Week 1

Auric Clearing

Introduction to the spiritual and scientific foundations of Auric Clearing as well as utilizing the complete protocol and structure used to give you a full, life-transforming Auric cleanse for increased energy, being able to release old attachments, and gaining more meaning in life.

Week 2

Karma Clearing

Learning the foundation on the laws of karma in our universe, how it applies to your life and experiencing a full karmic cleansing to help you attract what you desire rather than endless challenges, pains, hardships and drama.

Week 3

J-Seals Clearing

Full removal of all 7 J-Seals and the other existing ones, as well as learning the deeper history of them to give you a solid connection with yourself, your purpose and ultimately, guiding you on the path to ascension.

Week 4

Golden Web Tear

Diving into your deepest subconscious layers to perform healings on that deeper level and repairing any tears in your golden web (related to the Auric Field), as well as learning what attracts these blockages to you to not only put an end to it, but also start feeding your subconscious better “energy food”.

Week 5

Archetype Clearing

Full cleansing of the 12 different archetypes as well as learning how each one works and the steps you can take to address them to help you utilize your full potential.

Week 6

Dark Masters Removal

Learning how the dark masters operate and who they are as well as an intense deep clearing/removal to remove them from your Auric Field and strengthen your connection with the ascended masters so you can manifest the life you desire.

Week 7

Curses, Hexes, Spells Removal

Gaining an understanding on what curses, hexes and spells are as well as other negative attachments weighing you down spiritually and a full removal of them to live a life of meaning, connection and keeping dark spirits at bay.

Week 8

Final Integration Session

Final integration session where we combine all 7 trainings together and incorporate new advanced and quantum methods to fast-track the results you want in health, wealth and life.

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