The Awakening Within

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Free Training Webinar Reveals... How to Awaken Your Innate Manifestation Ability"

Learn the step by step process to manifest your dreams into reality



What you will learn In This Exclusive Webinar

  • Why we are living in a hologram and how we all have an natural ability to transform energy and MANIFEST a different outcome in our finances, health and relationships
  • How holographic manifestation skills can impact your taxes and stop a tax audit, or even a speeding or parking fine
  • My experiences over the last 6 months where I’ve been connecting with Source and the incredible messages I’ve been getting about the planet and my clients
  • Why you are paying way too much tax, how much of this relates to energetic imprints from family, post hypnotic suggestions from government, even past life imprints and how you can shift these imprints or brainwashings once you realise it.
  • Introduction to my newest technology on energetic asset protection ... you can have all the right structures, do all the right things, and yet still get sued and have lawsuits and government investigations go against you ... we clear them and teach you to create a shield of protection around your wealth, making you IMMUNE to lawsuits
  • Why investment and businesses losses occur and how you can clear the past imprints which keep repeating so you can have a fresh start. In particular, what causes you to attract losing investments, financial drains or tax audits in your business, how it relates to energetic imprints from parents, past traumatic experiences around money, negative energy of others, and even karmic imprints and how to transmute these

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