Instructions To Whitelist Our Emails

Whitelisting (approving) our email ensures you never miss our latest content!

Follow these simple steps:


1. Click Contacts on the side of your inbox.
2. Click the New Contact icon and add
3. Click Add Contact at the bottom.


1. Click the Settings icon from the menu -> Settings.
2. Click Filters and Blocked Addresses -> Create a new filter.
3. In the “from” field, type
4. Click Create Filter and then select Never Send it to Spam.
5. Click Create Filter.

Outlook Live

1. Click the Settings icon.
2. Click View all outlook settings at the bottom.
3. Click Junk email.
4. Under Safe senders and domains, click “add”.
5. Type


1. Click the Settings icon -> Preferences
2. Click Rule -> Add a rule
3. Below “is from”, type
4. Click Choose a Folder -> New Folder
5. Call folder name Awakening Within

If you use other service providers, please add us as a contact in your address book. Follow these steps.

Thank you for whitelisting our emails! Enjoy the upcoming content.